Vision & Mission of Informatics


Becoming an Informatics Engineering department that is able to produce professional graduates and has excellence in Network Specialist and Data Solution Specialists sectors in the Coordinator of Private Higher Education Institutions regions throughout Indonesia in 2024.


  1. Organizing Three Pillars of Higher Education in Informatics Engineering sector by focusing on Network Specialists and Data Solution Specialists to produce professional and competent graduates and workforce who meet working quality standards required in 2024.
  2. Establishing partnerships with various institutions and industries and implementing effective and efficient higher education management.
  3. Updating the science and technology development according to competencies and develop entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics.



  1. Creating graduates with competence in Network Specialist and Data Solution Specialist sector, entrepreneurial and able to communicate internationally and ethically.
  2. Being one of the actors participating in building higher education in Indonesia, especially in  informatics engineering sector.
  3. Organizing competency-based learning using a curriculum that is in accordance with stakeholder needs, in accordance with Indonesian National Qualification Framework Level 6, professional lecturers and staff and infrastructure that meet educational quality standards.
  4. Producing research and scientific works which are used as references for improving science and publications in accordance with the Master Plan of Research.
  5. Producing works related to community service missions and based on research results in accordance with the Research Master Plan.
  6. Building character of students by controlling and developing excellent programs in student affairs, through regular workshops and training in collaboration with industry.
  7. Having cooperation partners from various institutions and industries, as well as maintaining relationships with customers and their environment to improve customer satisfaction.
  8. Organizing administrative and higher education services that adhere to the principle and use a high quality assurance system. It is compliant with the principle and uses a quality assurance system.