From the Dean

Assalamu’alaikum, Wr. Wb.

Praises and thanks to Allah SWT for all the blessings for all of us. Thanks to His help, we were able to accomplish many things in our beloved faculty.

The School of Computer Science Universitas Mercu Buana manages two departments: Informatics Engineering and Information System. The Computer Science area is very broad, and therefore the department needs to define the fields that become the focus of its services. Department of Informatics Study UMB focuses on Data Solution and Network Security, while Department of Information System focuses on e-Business and Multiplatform Applications.

Digital technology is a major supporter of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution era that is being faced by all the people. On one side, this era provides the limitless convenience. On the other hand along, it also brings new problems and challenges. Disruption occurs everywhere covering all aspects of life. The School of Computer Science UMB realizes the impact of this global stream of technology. The scriptures teach us “After difficulties, there is a convenience”, behind the challenges, there is a chance. Therefore, we always strive to continue improving and changing to be better in accordance with the challenges of the time to achieve opportunities.

All academicians of School of Computer Science, according to their field in Digital Technology, must prepare themselves to take the leading role in utilizing opportunities or finding solutions to problems that arise in this era. For this reason, we designed various programs related to the Three Pillars of Higher Education, we prepared, we carried out, and we evaluated to ensure the contribution ofSchool of Computer Science UMB to the progress of civilization through Higher Education, especially in Computer Science. Programs are prepared as anticipation and adaptation of technological development and remain in harmony with the vision, mission and objectives of UMB and Founder of the Foundation.

In Education and Teaching pillar, the curriculum and teaching methods are regularly updated. The current direction of Education and Teaching is information technology based and student centered. For lecturers, self-competency development programs are prepared. Various certifications obtained by lecturers at both National and International levels prove their competence in Computer Science. At the Research pillarSchool of Computer Science UMB concentrates on collaborative research with partners both in National and International levels. The direction of research is intended so that researchers and lecturers get global insight and knowledge, in addition to producing benefits with a wider range. Research outputs are in the form of intellectual property rights and / or reputable international publications. The Community Service Program is directed to provide real benefits to the community in the surrounding area of ​campus or national coverage. The academicians of School of Computer Science of UMB also contributed to various community development programs and information technology, including the preparation of Indonesia Qualification Framework/Indonesia Work Competence Standard of ICT, Occupational Map of ICT, Non Formal Training Curriculum for ICT, etc. This year (2019), School of Computer Science UMB is trusted by Ministry of Communication and Informaticsto become one of the organizers of Digital Talent Scholarship 2019 program in Machine Learning training.

With our potential and sincerity, we are always ready to contribute maximally to the development of science and human resources in computer science. With such potential and sincerity, we are always ready to develop the potential of students to become professionals who are able to answer the challenges of industry and community in global competition according to the vision and mission of Schoolof Computer Science UMB.

Lastly, allow me as the Dean of School of Computer Science Universitas Mercu Buana to express my gratitude to all academicians, communities, industries, and government agencies for their role in the development of the School of Computer Science Universitas Mercu Buana.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Dean of School of Computer Science

Dr. Mujiono Sadikin, MT. CISA. CGEIT.