National Seminar: Important Role of Information and Communication Technology in 4.0 Industrial Technology Era

The peak of free trade in 2020 and the development of information technology in 4.0 Era require all levels of society to prepare them to compete with competitors both from local and international, and from various academic level, ranging from college graduates, intermediate experts or vocational school students.

Such competition becomes a reminder for students, especially UMB students, to prepare and equip themselves with the expertise in information technology world.

It is expected after graduating from the university, students are not only ready to compete in seeking jobs, but also be ready to become young entrepreneurship in information technology world.

In addition, the utilization of technology must be balanced with the legal world so that it will not stumble over the ITE Law issue in the future. Digital forensic knowledge will enable businessmen to be more aware in marketing their products and or services offered.


Seeing the development and competition of technology in 4.0 era, we aimed to conduct a seminar on “Important Role of Information and Communication Technology in the 4.0 Industrial Technology Era” so graduates will be ready to compete in 4.0 era and the Asian Economic Community in 2020.

National Seminar conducted by School of Computer Science – UMB on April 22, 2019 discussed the Important Role of Information and Communication Technology in the 4.0 Industrial Technology Era with the following speakers:

Session 1:

  1. Speaker for Cyber Crime: Satriyo Wibowo, MBA., M.H., Ir., IPM., CERG.
    2. Speaker for Data Science: Vanessa Stefanny S.Kom., M.Kom.

Session 2:

  1. Speaker for Digital Forensic: Pratomo Djati Nugroho, S.Pi., M.Kom., CSCU., CHFI., CTIA., CEI

1. Afiyati
2. Prastika

and sponsored by:
2. Reymer Classy
3. Barba’s

Participated by 843 participants which are divided into two sessions: 428 participants in session 1 and 415 participant in session 2.

This seminar is a collaboration of  two departments, Information System and Informatics Engineering under the School of Computer Science – Universitas Mercu Buana, with the following organizational structures:

Person in Charge:
Dean of School of Computer Science: Dr. Mujiono Sadikin, M.T.

Head of Department of Information Engineering: Desi Ramayanti, S.T., M.T.
Secretary 1 of Department of Information System: Inge
Secretary 2 of Department of Information System: Anita Ratnasari

Community Service Program in Belitung: Merajut Nusantara

A number of officials attended the release of community service program participants “Merajut Nusantara”. The official was Aster TNI Commander Maj. Gen. Kustanto Widyatmoko and Director of Learning at the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Culture Dr. Ir Paristiyanti Nurwardani M.P.  Some Rectors of various universities were also present.

Verbyanto E. P., is a student of School of Computer Science involving in Community Service Program “Merajut Nusantara”.

Verby is responsible in writing the history and story from several places, such as:

Fu De Ce Temple

On 9, 10 and 11 of January 2015, Kecamatan Kelapa Kampit inaugurated Fu De Ce Temple as one of new tourism destinations in the northern part of East Belitung District. Aside from being a tourism place, this temple also becomes a religious tourism destination and a praying place for Buddhist people. This temple is located in the Renewal Village of Kelapa Kampit Subdistrict, located ± 45 km or about ± 45 minutes driving from Hanandjoeddin Tanjung Pandan Airport.

Istiqomah Buding Museum

From Hanandjoeddin Airport, Tanjung Pandan, the distance is around 40 km with travel time of ± 45 minutes. Located in Buding Village, Kelapa Kampit District, this museum has many historical relics from the Kingdom in Belitung.


In this technology era, we often utilize software as a supporting tool to solve problems in various sectors. There are also various types of software. Therefore, it is important to select the

appropriate software according to the target that will be achieved.

The development of information technology is able to assist people in shopping, obtaining additional income and storing valuable data/file.

Universitas Mercu Buana, as a higher educational institution where lecturers conduct the Three Pillars of Higher Education, has facilitated the research in utilizing Google Drive application. This certainly has a positive effect on the lecturer because it does not only help them carrying out simulations or designs but can also be used as a place to introduce and provide software material.

The purpose of this workshop is to help the community to store the data/file in the integrated manner.

The community services that will be conducted are aiming at:

  1. Providing new knowledge to participants regarding information technology as educational media
  2. Providing alternative by utilizing information technology in the integrated storage
  3. Providing alternative ways of information dissemination for public and private by participants

By looking at the benefits of software as alternatives and solutions, it is necessary to conduct a workshop on google drive utilization as a means of integrated storage media.


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